Actor Uche Maduagwu Arrested For Coming Out As Gay, Controversy Explained! Get Whole Detail

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Today we’re talking about Actor Uche Maduagwu Arrested For Coming Out As Gay, Controversy Explained!

Actor Uche Maduagwu Arrested For Coming Out As Gay, Controversy Explained:- Uche Maduagwu is a celebrity in the Nollywood industry. He has sought the attention of people on the account of the recent announcement made by him over a prior judgment made according to Sharia law. He has also written a letter to American President Joe Biden with respect t seeking help for himself. The news has sought the attention of people from all across the world. Uche Maduagwu revealed in the letter that he is gay and this has made her face a number of problems such that police detention. He stated that he was arrested by the Security personnel after his confirmation that he is gay. His sexual identity is something that he was fearing while sharing with people in public because of the mindset of people denigrating this community in society.

Actor Uche Maduagwu Arrested For Coming Out As Gay

The security personnel arrested him on Wednesday, 6th July 2022. This news has made a number of people scared as this is not something that is supposed to be a reason for someone’s arrest. People are shocked after knowing this news. He also mentioned the Sharia court judgement therein the court sentenced a Bauchi man for being gay to the death penalty in Bauchi. Now, people are willing to know about this case so that they may have more understanding of this news.

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The celebrity of Nollywood informed the American President about his situation and asked for help. No sooner did the letter of the individual get the attention of netizens than they started sharing this news so that they may make it viral. The celebrity also stated that he had expressed earlier that he was a guy but he had to overturn his statement because he was scared. Now, he did it and he was sent to jail again for this.

What Happened To Uche Maduagwu?

He was arrested by Security Personnel on Wednesday, July 6, 2022. He was detained after his statement that he was a homosexual. The Sharia law expresses this to be a felony. Hence he was arrested by the time he switched his statement. He changed his statement after the threats made by Security Personnel to him. He was released by the officers. Thereafter, he changed his statement in the media and also wrote a letter to the American President. Although he has been released from jail yet he is scared. As a result, he is seeking the help of the US government. More details related to this news will be updated on the internet as soon as possible.

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