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7 Ways to Increase Customer Focus – Spot72.com
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With customer expectations constantly evolving, it can be a challenge for businesses to differentiate themselves from competitors. A customer focus strategy ensures consumers’ needs are better met in all your interactions. – 7 Ways To Increase Customer Focus.

Reinforce the value your business brings and can differentiate your company. Before we get into the different strategies you can use, let’s start with what customer focus is.

What is Customer Focus

Customer focus is a mindset that puts customer needs first. Businesses using a customer focus strategy ensure that every decision they make and every aspect of the company, including its products, services and daily operations, is aligned with the interests of the customer.

By using the principles of customer focus to inform your overall customer service strategy, you can provide support interactions that enable consumers to achieve their goals and make them happy.

Customer Focus Vs. Customer Centered

Although often used interchangeably, a customer-focused approach differs from a customer-centric approach. Customer focus means understanding customer wants and expectations and fulfilling them. A customer focus strategy can be helpful as part of your larger customer engagement strategy.

Customer-centric businesses take this even further by understanding consumers so deeply that you discover the underlying needs behind those wants.

As Steve Jobs said: “closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.” In this way, you can identify opportunities to encourage your business to develop and provide the best solutions.

The Importance of Customer Focus

Focusing on the customer should be the foundation for everything your business does. By doing so, you create a memorable customer support experience that also benefits your business. The benefits include:

Better customer engagement. Part of a customer-focused approach involves listening to your customers and adapting their feedback to your business. These interactions show customers that you care about them and set your business apart.

Increase customer loyalty. When customers get positive results from interacting with your business, and you deliver on the promises you have made, you build brand trust. This is essential for cultivating long-term relationships and customer loyalty.

Increased revenue. Businesses with a customer service focus are more profitable. With returning customers, you can make personalized recommendations based on their purchase history, opening up opportunities for upselling and cross-selling. And loyal customers also generate more revenue by promoting your brand to friends and family.

7 Strategies to Increase Customer Focus

Now that we know what customer focus is and its benefits, here are some ways you can build a customer-focused business.

7 Ways To Increase Customer Focus

1. Structure your company culture around the Customer

Putting customer focus values ​​at the heart of your company culture brings employees together under a common goal even roles that don’t have day-to-day customer interaction. When everyone across the company invests in creating the best experiences, employees can collaborate better and share their knowledge across departments.

2. Grow Your Frontline Support Team

When customer-facing employees come around, they need training that combines customer focus and orientation. They should also be given ongoing opportunities to sharpen their skills and set them up for success. Time and effort towards their professional growth will motivate them to do a better job as they deal with customer issues every day.

3. Be Where Your Customers Are

Customers want to be able to interact with you on their channel of choice be it your website, chatbot, social media or messaging app.

4. Collect Customer Feedback

Customer feedback can give you invaluable insights to better understand customer needs, goals, and pain points along the buyer’s journey.

You can solicit feedback through surveys and use the data you have, including reviews, community forums, support agent suggestions, and customer service interactions. Next, it’s important to translate that feedback into action. In this way, customers can rest assured that their input is not being ignored.

5. Centralizing Customer Data

The customer oriented approach depends on how you manage your customer data. You can combine all your customer information into one system. This way, everyone has access to the same information, breaking down silos between departments.

Employees gain a more holistic understanding of customers through their history and past interactions. Knowing where customers are coming from allows agents to assist them along their journey and provide more personalized customer service.

Finally, you spare the customer from tedious retelling their background and information every time they reach out.

6. Implement Technology To Improve Your Offerings

While technology doesn’t completely replace the human touch, you can use it to improve your support process and customer experience. AI chatbots can respond to common issues, guide customers with information, or triage requests for your agents all while using CRM integration for scale personalization.

Self-Service tools such as Help centres, knowledge bases or FAQ pages provide customers with a quick and convenient way to meet their own needs.

7. Use Metrics For Your Customer Focus Goals

You need the right metrics to measure your initiatives and understand the effectiveness of your efforts. Some common ones include customer satisfaction (CSAT) and Net Promoter Score (NPS). These measurements also help track progress over time to see if you are meeting expectations and identify ways to improve.

Example of Customer Focus

For inspiration, let’s review some examples of businesses that have been great at applying customer focus to their customer service and support. Nordstrom. In an interview with the National Retail Federation, Shea Jensen, SVP of Customer Experience, said that the key to Nordstrom’s Customer Service success is “a constant focus on the customer. “

And they do this by empowering their staff with the autonomy to make decisions in solving customer problems (as documented in their employee handbook).

REI. Newsweek included REI on their 2021 list of “America’s Best Customer Service companies.” In an interview on “The Chief Customer Officer Human Duct Tape Show,” EVP and REI Chief Customer Officer, Ben Steele.

Discuss how they use customer focus and empathy to idealize solutions and shape their service approach. He also explained the importance of having a “co-op” within their brand, framing customers as business partners.

Alaskan Airlines. Ranked as the top airline on Newsweek’s list, Alaska Airlines provides an extensive list of appointments to their customers right on their website. Their site also includes a prominently displayed Help Center with multiple ways to contact or provide feedback.

Embed Customer Focus In Everything You Do

One of the most important things you can do as a business is put your customers first. You need to know who they are, their needs and wants, and how they have changed over time.

With advances in technology and rising consumer expectations, the more intentional you are with your customer focus strategy, the better you can satisfy and engage your customers to form long-term connections.

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