7 Latest and Best PC Video Editing Applications – Spot72.com

7 Latest and Best PC Video Editing Applications – Spot72.com
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7 Latest and Best PC Video Editing Applications. Currently there are various Android video editing applications with their respective features and advantages.

As a content creator, of course you have to keep up with all the changing trends around media, it feels like before it was just text, bitmap graphics, photorealistic, various types of audio to video which are now the prima donna.

It is undeniable that editing videos is more difficult than people usually think. Not only trimming here and there, giving transitions and other things, a video creator must have good taste, not only for himself but also for his potential audience.

Even though videos can now be edited simply on a smartphone, for editing work you really need a laptop or PC.

Because as the admin said above, video editing is not just trimming, using transitions, and audio overlays, but there are hundreds of things to consider and the only platform that can be is a PC.

And here below are the 7 newest and best PC video editing applications, including the following. Spot72.com.

Adobe Premiere Pro

image 21

Adobe is a software company that already has a lot of experience in the world of design software.

If you don’t know, Adobe Premiere (before it became Adobe Premiere Pro) has been available since 1991!.

Adobe Premiere Pro supports editing of almost all types of video formats, with support for 4K resolution.

All the features you want to be available in video editing applications are available in Adobe Premiere Pro.

However, if this is your first time touching the world of video editing, you might have problems operating Premiere Pro because of the many features provided.

But you guys are recommended anyway because in fact you need to force yourself to study too.

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You can try Adobe Premiere Pro for free from the official website, or buy a full license that won’t disappoint because it’s expensive.

Don’t download pirated versions from Torrents because they are illegal and may contain malware!

Application Name Adobe Premiere Pro
Developer Adobe
Rating 3+
Downloaded 1 million

Vegas Pro 18

image 22

Vegas Pro is a video editing application that is widely used by professional video creators around the world.

Its use tends to be easier than other applications (such as Adobe Premiere Pro), so if you are very new to the world of video editing, Vegas Pro may be more appropriate.

Simplicity is recognized as the primary advantage of this software over others. You can drag and drop, cut videos, add effects, and take advantage of additional features without needing a lot of experience in the world of video editing.

This video editor is added with many options for editing images, videos, even up to sound effects, with the ability to create and combine multiple timelines in the program.

Some of the interesting features available in this program are color rendering effects (such as for green screens), features for adding animation, to a feature for making easy subtitles without the need to use a notepad again like in the old days.

Application Name Vegas Pro 18
Developer Alandroid Speedex
Rating 3+
Downloaded 1 thousand

VSDC Free Video Editor

image 23

VSDC Free Video Editor is a Non-Linear (NLE) editing application developed by Flash-Integro, LLC.

This application can process high-resolution videos as well as 4K UHD, 3D and 360 degree VR videos.

For those who don’t know, Non-Linear means that you can edit part of a video or audio track, cut it, and combine it, this type of model is Premiere Pro, Vegas Pro, and other professional video editing applications.

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On the other hand, Linear means only processing one video, if you change the resolution, reduce the size, change the color, or change the format.

VSDC lets you apply professional effects such as color correction, record sound and embed it in videos, and many more.

You can also provide edited output video archives in various formats, you know. Another cool feature is that you can immediately share your edited video output across social media such as Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

Application Name VSDC Free Video Editor
Developer Videdit.inc
Rating 3+
Downloaded 1 thousand

AVS Video Editor

image 24

AVS Video Editor is a video editing application launched by Online Media Technologies Ltd.

This app is part of the AVS4YOU software suite which includes video, audio, image editing and conversion.

What you like about this application is the ease of use. Everyone can take advantage of AVS Video Editor without any video editing experience.

The app is intuitive and guides you through each step especially the parts that people usually struggle with.

This application is suitable for quick and short editing applications. It’s so easy, you probably won’t need help from AVS or anyone else.

Application Name AVS Video Editor
Developer WeVideo Inc.
Rating 3+
Downloaded 10 million

VideoStudio Pro 2021

image 25

VideoStudio is a very intuitive video editing application that adds a lot of features (though there are some bugs).

In the world of videography, it seems that discoveries never stop, starting from 3D, 4K, to VR. If you are actually really into the world of video, of course you need an editing application that can handle everything.

VideoStudio is one of the few applications that can handle VR projects. This software also features multicam editing, time remapping, multipoint motion tracking, video masking, 4K, and audio ducking.

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Application Name VideoStudio Pro 2021
Developer Cyberlink Corp
Rating 3+
Downloaded 100 million

CyberLink PowerDirector

image 26

In Indonesia, we believe not many people use this application. The Indonesian, if not Premiere Pro, then Vegas Pro. But what exactly is this one application?

PowerDirector is a video editing software from CyberLink. The advantages of this software are fast rendering, lots of effects, can edit 360-degree videos, multi-cam editing, supports 3D & 4K, motion tracking and screen recording.

The disadvantages of PowerDirector are the relatively complicated interface (because of the many options), and also the color matching which is not relatively comfortable.

Overall, CyberLink PowerDirector can be used by all user levels, from beginners to experts.

There are 2 versions that we recommend, namely PowerDirector Essential (free) and PowerDirector 365 (one month free, ending at $4.33 per month).

Application Name CyberLink PowerDirector
Developer Cyberlink Corp
Rating 3+
Downloaded 10 million


image 27

If you are looking for something free, VirtualDub can be a true friend. This application is made to process linear video editing, as well as filtering and compression again which utilizes the AVI format as a storage format.

Warning to you, this application is not for merging and cutting several videos, but can only process one video such as reducing the size, changing the resolution, and changing the format.

The first version of VirtualDub made for Windows 95, was released on SourceForge and introduced on August 20, 2000.

Although VirtualDub was created for Microsoft Windows, it can also be used on Linux & Mac OS X using additional platform support such as Wine.

This application that has a simple appearance is actually very easy to use and of course suitable for those of you who are still beginners.

Application Name VirtualDub
Developer InShot Video Editor
Rating 3+
Downloaded 100 million

The final word

Thus the admin’s discussion above about the latest information for all of you, hopefully it can be useful and can also help, thank you.



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