6 Ways to Make Flowcharts in Ms. Word Easily and Fast

6 Ways to Make Flowcharts in Ms. Word Easily and Fast
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How to Make a Flowchart – The term flowchart must be familiar to those of you who are struggling in the programming world.

In this case the flowchart is a diagram in the process flow in a program. When you build a program, flowcharts are an important part so that the program is easy to understand.

Flowchart which has another meaning flowchart is a diagram of a step or decision for the process in achieving a program. Usually, the flowchart is in the form of a diagram with a line relationship or arrow direction.

In addition, when you use a flowchart for a program the process will be clearer and more concise. Then how to make the flowchart?

Flowchart Functions

Before exploring further how to make a flowchart, let’s first look at some explanations about flowcharts so that it is easier for you to execute them.

1. Give an overview of the running of a program

Memberi gambaran atas berjalannya suatu program

When we are expected to be able to go through one process to another, then the flowchart is the answer to that expectation. Because with a flowchart, the picture that you will get on the flowchart will be clearer and more detailed.

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2. Simplify the network of procedures

Simplify the chain of procedures

In this case, the flowchart serves as a diagram that can simplify a series of procedures so that it is easier to understand the information.

Types of Flowcharts

Each type of flowchart certainly has its own characteristics in its use, here is a description of the types in the flowchart:

1. System flowchart

System flowchart

Through this type of flowchart, we can see the stages of the work process as a whole. Not only that, the flowchart system can also describe the sequence of all existing procedures.

2. Schematic flowchart

Schematic flowchart

Is a type of flowchart that is actually not much different from a system flowchart, this type of flowchart can display the flow of procedures on the system as well. But even though there are similarities, what makes the difference is the use of symbols in the plot description.

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3. Process flowchart

Process flowchart

A process flowchart is a more detailed description of industrial engineering, through a step-by-step analysis of a procedure or system.

4. Document flowchart

Document flowchart

Document flowcharts or document flowcharts here are also known as paperwork flowcharts, which have the function of tracing the flow of the form including how the report is processed, recorded, and stored.

5. Flowchart program

Flowchart program

In a procedure of the program process, this flowchart can be said to have this function. Through the type of program flowchart, it can be explained if it is still divided into two types, namely: program logic flowcharts and computer program flowcharts.

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Symbols on the Flowchart

Symbols on the Flowchart

The process of making flowcharts is certainly supported by several components, one of which is with symbols that have their own functions and types. There is a symbol that serves to indicate the process in a program, and there is also a function for input and output.

Below are the symbols contained in the flowchart, among others:

  1. Preparation or preparation.
  2. Display.
  3. Predefine proses.
  4. Document.
  5. Manual operation.
  6. Input atau output.
  7. Flow.
  8. On-Page reference.
  9. Off-Page reference.
  10. Terminator.
  11. Process.
  12. Decision.

How to Make a Flowchart

After getting to know the functions, types, and understanding of flowcharts, we will go directly to the main topic, namely how to make flowcharts. Basically, there are many programs or software that can be used to create flowcharts, one of which is using Microsoft word.

1. Create a Flowchart

The steps that you need to prepare the first time in the flowchart making process are, prepare or create a flowchart shape with the Shapes menu in the following way:

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  • Open the Microsoft word program on your laptop or PC.
  • Find the Insert menu in Microsoft Word, then click to continue.
  • Select the Shapes menu.

Select the Shapes menu.

  • After selecting the Shapes menu, you can directly click on the flowchart box.
  • From the flowchart box, select one and just apply it on the screen by clicking and then dragging it to the right so that the flowchart can be formed.

Next, insert a drawing canvas or media on the image in order to help you create a flowchart. This needs to be done to make it easier to adjust the size of the chart created.

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2. Adding Background

In the process of making a flowchart, you are also given the facility to add a background to make it more interesting, you know. The process is also quite easy by:

  • Click insert.
  • Select the Shapes menu
  • Click New drawing canvas.

Click New drawing canvas.

3. Insert Text

The next process that you can practice is to insert text on the flowchart by:

  • Click the Insert tab in Microsoft Word.
  • Then select Shapes.
  • Choose one of the flowcharts that you need.

Choose one of the flowcharts that you need.

  • Insert it into the drawing canvas, click and drag it to the right.
  • Insert text on the flowchart symbol. If you are a Microsoft word 2007 user, right click and then click Add text. But if you are a Microsoft Word 2010 user, just type the text you want.

4. Creating Connector Lines

After inserting text on the flowchart, all you need to do is create a flowline or connector. It’s easy, try to observe and start practicing the methods below:

  • Click Insert, then Shapes, and click Lines.
  • After that will appear straight lines, arrows, and others that you can make.

After that will appear straight lines, arrows, and others that you can make.

  • The line that you have created will not be separated from the flowchart even though it has been moved, this is because the drawing canvas is used.
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Meanwhile, to change the shape of the flowline, you can do it by right-clicking on the flowline or arrow, after that select Connector Types, and you can start choosing which line you want to change its shape.

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5. Create a Table on the Flowchart

The next step to create a flowchart is to create a table. The flow line contained in the flowchart must have its own meaning, this is where you are needed to prepare a table to make it easier to find out every information on the flow line in the following way:

  • Click Insert
  • Select the Shapes menu
  • Then write a label on the table that you have created.

Then write a label on the table that you have created.

Immediately proceed to the next process, which is to align the flowchart that you have created. When creating a flowchart, you will find a stage where it is time to align positions.

The process is also not difficult if you follow the following steps in aligning the flowchart, namely clicking view, selecting Show and then Gridlines that way you can align the flowchart according to the desired needs.

6. Using an Existing Design Format

If you have done all the stages and processes above, prepare the design format on the flowchart to make it look more interesting and not boring for the reader by:

  • Click the Format tab.
  • Then click Shape Styles.

Then click Shape Styles.

  • After that you can choose which format you like.

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It turned out to be quite a lot and interesting about the process of making this flowchart, I hope you will benefit from how to make a flowchart that you can apply after this! Good luck.

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