6 Types of Health Insurance and Tips for Choosing According to Needs – Id.Spot72.com

6 Types of Health Insurance and Tips for Choosing According to Needs – Id.Spot72.com
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Id.Spot72.com – One form of self-protection against illness or health problems is to have health insurance. Everyone is advised to have this type of insurance so that if health problems occur in the future, all or part of the costs can be covered by the insurance.

Unfortunately, not everyone can choose insurance according to their needs. So they must understand this type of insurance and some of the methods they choose.

For those who want to know more details about health insurance, please see the full discussion below.

Types of health insurance

Before discussing further about how to choose insurance, there’s nothing wrong with studying the types first. As for health insurance, the types consist of:

1. Hospital insurance

hospitalization insurance

The first type of health insurance is hospitalization insurance. The purpose of this insurance is to provide inpatient or hospital services. The insurance owner who is followed will bear all costs incurred during this treatment.

This type of insurance is chosen by most people. In addition, they have problems with their health and have to be hospitalized regularly. In addition, hospitalization is also suitable for those who already have a rather chronic disease.

2. Outpatient insurance

Outpatient insurance

Most people often choose outpatient insurance. For example, they have several types of illnesses related to chronic health problems. This disease cannot be cured and must be treated for life, so it requires outpatient insurance.

This insurance is usually used every few months. When controlling for new medication, all costs incurred will be covered by insurance. Hence, one need not spend a single penny for it

3. Group insurance

Insurance group

Group insurance is used to cover all health care costs of a family or a specific group such as a business. Can group insurance in the family sector, all people whose names are registered on the family card and are also registered will be covered.

Meanwhile, group insurance owned by the company can be used to care for everyone who works there. Usually before the change is made, there will be a letter of introduction from the company so that the insurance company is willing to cover all costs.

4. Personal insurance

personal insurance

The next health insurance that is often used is personal insurance. In general, this personal insurance can only be used by one person. They usually follow insurance independently and pay premiums regularly.

Because it is personal, insurance can only be used by those whose names are listed in the policy. If their name is not listed, it means they have to pay independently. This insurance is ideal for those who are not married or live alone.

5. Government insurance

government insurance

Moreover, state insurance is issued by a health institution. This insurance usually covers all medical expenses both in hospital and outpatient care. The type of state insurance that is known and available in Indonesia is BPJS Kesehatan.

Because it is a type of state insurance, everyone in the state must follow. There are those who follow independently and there are those who follow with the help of government subsidies. Then they can switch to the health facility listed on the membership card.

6. Private insurance

private insurance

In contrast to state insurance organized by state institutions. Private insurance is managed by a third party. This management is usually carried out by Indonesian-owned companies or insurance companies that already have many branches around the world.

Private insurance is also widely chosen although the cost is somewhat higher. However, this insurance is widely chosen because it often offers services that suit your needs and makes it easy to manage different claim payments.

Tips for choosing health insurance

Insurance cannot be chosen haphazardly. You need to pay attention to a few things below so that this insurance suits your needs and doesn’t harm you.

1. Sign up for health insurance

Apply for health insurance

Apply for insurance when you are in good health. Why is that? Because often patients who need a lot of new costs apply for insurance. Although it can not be done because each insurance has its own rules.

When the condition of the body is still healthy and there are no signs of any disease. It’s a good idea to immediately apply for various types of appropriate insurance. This insurance can be modified according to the type of service and the amount of premium.

2. Immediately apply when you are young

Immediately introduced when young

In addition to being submissive when someone feels no pain at all. They should also apply for insurance when they are young. This means they don’t need to apply for insurance when they are 40 or older.

If you are married or financially able, you can immediately apply for insurance. By doing this, you protect yourself against all expenses when you suddenly get sick.

3. Do not choose a cash insurance package

Do not choose cash plan insurance

Try not to choose the type of cash plan. The purpose of this insurance is to allocate daily hospitalization costs from a certain nominal amount. In addition, it will also record only a few days in a year or a few months.

If you have to do hospitalization at a cost more than that. Like it or not, you have to pay for the rest. Therefore, always choose insurance that offers all customization or limited coverage.

4. Choose Multiple Claims Insurance

Opt for dual claims insurance

There are types of health insurance that can be made multiple claims. For example, the hospital issues only one note. Moreover, the memorandum can be used to submit a claim on an insurance.

Luckily, there are insurers that take care of multiple claims. Therefore, even though other insurance can be claimed, the insurer will still issue funds according to the amount of money a person spends when he is sick.

5. Do you have what you need?

Do you have what you need?

Adjust to the needs that are owned at that time. For example, you often go for outpatient treatment because you have certain health conditions. Try reading insurance that will cover all outpatient expenses.

In addition, you can also choose the type of inpatient insurance that is always needed. This need is also related to various types of diseases that will be covered by insurance.

6. Adjusting to financial capabilities

Designed to fit any financial capacity

Adjust to the financial capabilities that you currently have. For example, you have good financial capabilities. You can choose insurance with a relatively high premium and the range of services offered is very large and varied.

7. Choose the type of family insurance

Choose the type of family insurance

The final advice that must be given by those who will apply for health insurance is to choose the type of family insurance. By choosing family insurance, everyone in the policy can use the insurance when they are sick.

So every month, you only need to pay once and can be used for everyone. This insurance is highly recommended for those of you who have quite a lot of family members. Moreover, there are family members who are susceptible to the disease.

From the reviews I read earlier, there are many types of health insurance. Starting from outpatient insurance to hospitalization. Apart from that, there is also insurance provided by the state such as BPJS Health which is mandatory for everyone.

Before choosing the type of insurance that best suits your needs. It’s always good to think things over. One listens to what insurance coverage is. In addition, it is also advisable to open insurance when your body is healthy.

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