5 Tips to ensure the destruction of your secure data is completely safe – Spot72.com

5 Tips to ensure the destruction of your secure data is completely safe – Spot72.com
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Spot72.com – Damage to secure data is a very important issue for many people today because of the shift in information that applies to electronic media.

What used to be stored in lockboxes and safes before this is housed in a single hard drive: even money, in fact, can be stored in data because many bank transactions are now being carried out electronically rather than in person.

This means that when it comes to today’s heists, the average laptop or personal computer is a better bet for a would-be thief than the wall safe. This weekend’s latest BitCoin hacking scandal proves this.

Whatever the reason for needing data cleaning, there are many ways to clean up a hard drive, with some being more convinced than others. People have many options from where to choose.

5 Tips to ensure your secure data destruction is completely safe

The trick to Smart Data removal, however, lies in the following practices, considered standard for companies and organizations that pay a lot of attention to the way they disable their electronic systems:

  • This may seem like common sense for secure data destruction, but surprisingly many people forget to keep an eye on their computers before they get into data cleaning.

What that means is that you have to reduce the chances of someone tampering with your data before you even get around to cleaning it, either by keeping it close to your computer at all times or by simply screening strictly on who will touch the computer before cleaning.

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It is also recommended to change the password on the computer before data cleaning, just to ensure that no one will be able to commit 11 hours of espionage or treason.

  • If you had an active “guest” account on your computer prior to the data corruption, delete it immediately. This further reduces your chances of suffering from an unexpected attack. Any equipment that has additional user accounts beside you should be purged of this if they can no longer be used
  • If your secure data destruction method is overwritten, make sure you use the pattern specified by experts to reduce the possibility of trace or signature data remaining on the drive.

The seven-step pattern is one of the most frequently specified. Many experts in the field completely agree that a single wipe is sufficient for most people’s purposes, although more sensitive data is usually given stronger data deletion treatment.

  • Try degauling for a safe data destruction technique. This will most likely require an expert to do the work for you, but is easily one of the safest methods available, as suggested by the fact that many government agencies use degauling for their data deletion.

Be aware, however, that degauled drives often end up being unusable or unusable until you have them fixed by their manufacturer, so to revert requires a low-level format which would have been removed by the degau method.

  • If you must use a secure data destruction method, then be sure to fully commit. This doesn’t mean releasing some steam on an inactive disc by hitting it with a baseball bat:
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Rather, it means Annihilation controlled objects with pinpoint attention to detail. Use the burn method, as it is generally quite effective when it comes to hitting a large portion of the disc.

Secure data destruction requires meticulous execution to be truly effective, which means most people should turn to professional services if they want certain things.

When looking for such companies, be sure to look for those with excellent customer reviews and who are known to have meticulous record keeping when it comes to the shredding process. You need to be reassured that anyone who might touch your disk will be known to you, so that you know where to change if something ever goes wrong.

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