4 Ways to Trade Stock Options in Indonesia for Beginners – Spot72.com

4 Ways to Trade Stock Options in Indonesia for Beginners – Spot72.com
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4 Ways to Trade Stock Options in Indonesia for Beginners– Have you heard the news about Stock Options trading? Many people sell Stock Option trading as a way to make profits that are easier & lower risk from stocks of world-class companies such as Google, Apple, etc.

However, the reality is not that easy. Moreover, the Indonesian stock market until now has not accommodated Stock Option trading.

How to trade Stock Options in Indonesia is relatively tricky. You are required to open an account with a broker (broker) based in the United States. It is also necessary to provide relatively large capital to pay the price of the Stock Option contract.

Stock Option trading hours follow Alaihi Salam’s working hours, so that people who live in Indonesia must also set aside time every night to take part.

4 Ways to Trade Stock Options in Indonesia for Beginners

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So, after knowing this information, are you still interested in trading Stock Options? Or need the full issue? Here is a further description of how to trade Stock Options in Indonesia. Watch the steps to the end to find out clearly.

1. Learn the Ins and Outs of Stock Options

The first step in any trading & investment activity is to examine the ins and outs of the asset of interest. Likewise if you want to trade Stock Options. At least, first understand the basics of Stock Options, the various related words, & the various transaction models (Also read: What is Stock Options & How Are Examples).

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Stock option trading is more complicated than stocks and forex. In normal stock trading, you can receive a one-way profit (when the stock price goes up). In forex trading, you can profit according to 2 directions (buy & sell). While profit from Stock Option trading can be obtained according to four directions, namely buy Call, sell Call, buy Put, & sell Put. Understand this completely so as not to confuse the position.

2. Prepare Capital for Trading

Try not to make the initial capital for trading Stock Options too big, but not too small either. There are Alaihi Salam stock brokers that do not have a specific initial deposit limit, but you will only be able to buy small stock options with too little capital.

On the other hand, if you pour large capital from the start, then you will most likely experience losses because you are not used to dealing with the chaos of the Stock Option market.

So, what is the ideal starting capital for trading Stock Options? According to a partner who has been trading US Stock Options for a long time, you can prepare an initial capital of USD 500 first.

With this capital, you have been able to buy & profit from top global stocks, for example NVDA (Nvidia), JNJ (Johnson N Johnson), FB (Facebook), AAPL (Apple), MCD (Mc Donald), IBM, & CVX (Chevron). However, you will need much larger capital to buy brilliant prospecting blue chip stock Options such as GOOG (Google) & AMZN (Amazon).

3. Open an Account At Alaihi Salam Stock Option Broker

Not just any broker can facilitate Stock Option trading. Some of Alaihi Salam’s stock options broker options include Interactive Brokers, Lightspeed, TD Ameritrade (Think or Swim), E*TRADE, Charler Swap, Tastyworks, Ally Invest, Robinhood, etc.

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Some of them do not require a certain minimum deposit, but some of them choose a minimum limit between USD 500 to USD 10,000 or more. The terms and documents that need to be prepared for registration are the same as using a forex broker or ordinary shares, including copies of proof of identity (KTP/Passport) and other documents required by the broker according to the KYC (Know Your Client) budget.

All Stock Option brokers usually have received a license according to the authorized forum in the country of Uncle Sam, as a result of which legality is guaranteed. As a basis for selecting a broker, you are relatively investigating the minimum deposit, trading port (broker fee), & the ease of use of the trading platform.

After finding a broker that matches your interests, follow the registration mechanism on the broker’s site. After that, deposit capital & start trading.

4. Practice a Stock Option Trading Simulation

Most people are not able to immediately profit at the beginning of trading. The initial loss is almost inevitable, because you may not know how the platform works, market terms, as well as effective options trading strategies. Therefore, Stock Option brokers provide trading simulations using dream funds that can be used free of charge by prospective customers.

Through this simulation, you can witness real market upheavals without running the risk of losing at all. For novice traders, this simulation is the best way to get to know the platform & know the characteristics of the assets. For experienced traders, simulations can also be used to create & test new trading systems.

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If you are proficient & can harvest profits on Stock Option trading simulations, then you can start real trading. Don’t rush into real trading activities without knowing the market, because totality is not commonplace, for example it is a highway to bankruptcy. Learning & practicing is the first key to success in any investment & trading activity in the financial market.

So little information that we can convey in this article is related to 4 Ways to Trade Stock Options in Indonesia for Beginners. Hopefully useful, that’s all and thank you.

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