4 Ways to Change Gmail Password via HP and PC (Step by Step Tutorial) – Spot72.com

4 Ways to Change Gmail Password via HP and PC (Step by Step Tutorial) – Spot72.com
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Changing the email password in Gmail should be done regularly, the goal is to protect the Gmail account from people who want to hack or do something with the email. How to change the Gmail password is very easy, and can be done on a cellphone or on a PC.

Especially if you choose a password that is easy to guess and consists of simple words or numbers, it’s best to change your password to a more difficult password so it’s not easily hacked.

Emails in Gmail are quite vulnerable to break-ins by hackers. So changing passwords regularly will make your email account safe and not easily attacked by hackers.

How to Change Gmail Password via HP and PC

In changing the password or password on this Gmail account, of course you must have access to the email, namely the email address and password. There are several steps you can take to change your email password, including:

1. Log in or Sign in to Gmail First

Log in or Sign in to Gmail First

The very first step is to log in or log in to your Gmail account first. That is, by going to the browser and entering the old email address and password there.

Enter the Settings Menu

After you can open the email, you can immediately enter settings by clicking the Gear button on the right and selecting the View All Settings menu. Then select the Account menu and Import and Change password.

3. Create a New Password

Create a New Password

The third step in how to change the Gmail password is to view the new tab. To enter the old password or password that is currently still in use, to verify.

After that, click the Next button so you can proceed to another stage. Enter the new password to change the old password. Enter the password 2 times then click the Change Password button again.

4. Successfully Change Gmail Password

Successfully Change Gmail Password

The process of changing the password on the Gmail account was finally successful. In checking, you must log in again on another device, or on a different browser using a new password.

Tips for Creating a New Password on a Gmail Account

Tips for Creating a New Password on a Gmail Account

How to change the Gmail password is surprisingly very easy, and doesn’t take a long time or a complicated method. This convenience will also help you change your Gmail password regularly.

Even though it seems inconvenient to have to keep changing passwords, changing passwords regularly will help reduce the risk of unwanted things happening and protect the security of the Gmail account.

This unwanted thing can be in the form of anything, for example in the form of stolen data or it could be from the hands of hackers, in hacking the data in it. Then follow these tips when you change your email password with a new one.

It is hoped that the new password that you create will be much stronger, difficult to guess, and not easy to hack. Here are some of the tips below:

  • Create a long password, which can be numbers, letters, or a combination of numbers and letters.
  • Create a password from combining words that are difficult for others to guess.
  • Use a combination of capital letters, numbers, lowercase letters and symbols.
  • Do not include information elements that are personal / personal, because it will be easier to guess.
  • Do not use the same password on several different accounts.

In avoiding hacking or data theft by creating long passwords, or combinations of letters, numbers, symbols, and so on, it does seem more troublesome. Moreover, a confusing password will be difficult to remember even by yourself.

For that you can use additional software, namely Software Password Manager. This software will help you save passwords for a number of accounts that you have on the internet.

Especially if you have to change passwords regularly, special and secure storage is needed to store the new password.

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Tips So You Don’t Easily Forget Gmail Passwords

Many people cannot open their social media or email accounts simply because they forget their passwords, and often changing passwords or finding a new password is also not easy.

For that, do the following tips so you don’t easily forget your Gmail password, especially if the email account is used for work. Here are some tips and full explanations:

1. Write down the Password on a Paper/Book

Writing Passwords on Book Paper

It’s best to write down the password you chose for your email or Gmail account on a book/paper. Then store the book in a safe place, where no one can see or open it.

When you forget the Gmail account password, you can open the paper again. To see what passwords are there. If it has been written down, it is better to use a password that is long and not easy to guess.

2. Using a Special Application for Forgotten Gmail Password

Using a Special Application for Forgotten Gmail Password

Currently there are many applications made specifically for users who forget their email password. Well, you can use this application if you often forget passwords, both passwords for Gmail accounts or other social media accounts.

Choose a trusted and safe application to save the password. So when you forget the password that you created yourself, you can immediately open the application.

For example, you store some important data in an email account or work-related matters. Then everything will be complicated, and the email also cannot be used.

Applications that can help you who often forget your email password

Password manager software that you can use and use to store or remember email passwords includes:

1. Keepass2Android


This application is fairly safe in storing your email password or other passwords.

The Keepass application is a type of application that manages passwords for free and is open source, where the official version only exists on the Windows operating system.

Not only save passwords, but you can also save credit card pins, important notes, and so on in this application.

2. Bitwarden


There is another application for storing other passwords, namely Bitwarden. This application can store all the passwords you use, credit cards, important notes, ID cards and so on.

The security level in the Bitwarden application is very high, you can even store very strong passwords using the Password Generator feature.

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3. My Vault

My Vault

This application, called My Vault, is able to store all important notes, or passwords from Gmail accounts. So you can use it without having to connect to the internet.

How to change the Gmail password that has been explained can be a guide for those of you who regularly change passwords on Gmail accounts.

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