4 Risks of Holding Dogecoin Compared to Bitcoin – Spot72.com

4 Risks of Holding Dogecoin Compared to Bitcoin – Spot72.com
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Spot72.com – 4 Risks of Holding Dogecoin Compared to Bitcoin, for those of you who are looking for information about Dogecoin.

Then you have entered the right site, because only on this site you will find information about the 4 risks of holding Dogecoin compared to Bitcoin.

And despite its popularity, now prices are soaring, also accompanied by celebrity endorsements.

And here the admin will discuss some of the risks of buying and holding Dogecoin compared to holding crypto assets, which are like Bitcoin.

This can also be reported by the admin from CoinDesk, and below are the risks of holding Dogecoin:

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Unlimited Supply

This is unlike with Bitcoin and many other crypto assets, and Dogecoin does not have a fixed supply.

This also means that prices are unsupported by scarcity and depend on buyers constantly buying new Dogecoin that comes into circulation to maintain value.

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High Publishing Level

Now Dogecoin has a fixed block reward, where successful savers receive 10,000 Dogecoin every minute.

And meanwhile, Bitcoin, development gets 6.25 Bitcoins every minute, and in the end, that means more Dogecoin enters circulation in a two day period (28 million), which than the total supply of Bitcoins is set to 21 million around 2140 .

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Rare Technology Development

And the development of Dogecoin technology is maintained by a team of volunteer developers, who to date delivered relatively few code updates and releases.

And before Dogecoin Core 1.14.3 which launched in February 2021, and the last update released in November 2019.

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Concentrated Ownership

According to data obtained from TheBlock, there are nine wallets that collectively own more than 40% of all Dogecoin, with one wallet holding 28%.

This also means that any one of those whale investors could cash out and send the price of Dogecoin plummeting.

And you can say alternatively can use their great position to manipulate the market right.

Also conversely, there is only one active Bitcoin wallet that holds more than 1% of the entire supply.

However, despite those flaws, and the fact that Dogecoin is at its heart a joke crypto asset.

DOGE now continues to outperform almost all other digital assets in the market as well as attracting worldwide attention.

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