3 Ways to Overcome Sound Windows 10 No Sound – Spot72.com

3 Ways to Overcome Sound Windows 10 No Sound – Spot72.com
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Spot72.com – Back again with the admin who always provides the latest and interesting information. This time the admin will discuss about 3 Ways to Overcome Sound Windows 10 No Sound.

To find out this information, then you have to refer to the discussion that the admin will discuss about 3 Ways to Overcome Windows 10 No Sound.

Gamers and movie buffs definitely need sound from their computer all the time. Bad audio or no sound will definitely ruin their whole experience.

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3 Ways to Overcome Sound Windows 10 No Sound

Below are 3 Ways to Overcome Windows 10 No Sound, which include the following:

1. Try a Different Audio Device

If you have more than one pair of earphones or headphones, then check whether they are working properly or not.

Either you use speakers, earphones or headphones and try it on other devices and see if they make sound or not.

And if you use a cellphone, make sure the volume is set to full. Because sometimes users accidentally turn the volume wheel when they move around while wearing a cellphone.

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2. Install the Latest Drivers

And according to users, sometimes Windows 10 sound problems can’t sound, and can occur because of out of date drivers. In some cases, generic drivers cannot fix the problem, and downloading and installing new drivers is one way or another.

Even to install the latest audio driver, you only need to visit the motherboard or sound card manufacturer’s website and download it or you can use a third-party application.

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3. Ubah Format Default Sound

Since the technical preview, the wrong sound format has caused an audio error in Windows 10. So, to get your Windows 10 sound back, you just have to change the default sound format.

And follow the instructions below:

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  • Right-click the sound icon on your Taskbar, and select open sound settings from the menu.
  • In the sound section, click device properties.
  • Click Additional device properties on the right.
  • Go to the Advanced tab, and change the default sound format to one of the following options: 24bit/44100Hz or 24bit/192000Hz depending on your speaker configuration.

The final word

This is the discussion that admin can discuss regarding information on 3 Ways to Overcome Windows 10 No Sound. Hopefully this information will be useful for all of you.

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