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3 Ways to Lock Whatsapp Chats – Spot72.com
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Are you a loyal WhatsApp user? In the application there may be important and secret chats that you want to protect. Unfortunately, you may not know how to lock WhatsApp chats.

Actually Whatsapp itself already provides a security feature, but this applies to one application. Not to lock only one particular chat.

If you want to keep locking just one of the Whatsapp chats, there is a special method that must be done. Below will explain how. It’s best to watch it to the end so you can understand it and practice it well.

How to Lock Whatsapp Chats One by one

Let’s discuss how to lock one WhatsApp chat first. There are two options that you can choose. The first is to use the Locker for Whatsapp Chat application. While the second option is to use the Whatsapp mod.

1. Locker for Whatsapp Chat

Locker for Whatsapp Chat is one of the apps that you can find in Playstore. This application is specifically designed for people who want to increase their security and privacy on WhatsApp.

The size of the application is relatively small, only about 11 MB. This application is also quite trusted because it has been installed by more than 1 million users worldwide. Following are the details for the Locker for Whatsapp Chat application along with the download link.

As the name suggests, you can use the application to secure one or several Whatsapps at once. Before starting to use it, you must first install the application.

It’s very easy, click the link in the table above. Next, you will be directed directly to the Playstore page. Click the Install button to start the download and installation process. If it’s finished and the Open button appears, it means you have successfully installed it.

Now you can start using Locker for Whatsapp Chat to lock important chats. Here is the complete tutorial.

  • Open the Locker for Whatsapp Chat App application first by clicking the Open button on the Playstore.
  • You can also open this application by clicking on its icon on the home page or app drawer.
  • If it is open, you will immediately be asked to create passcodes.
  • Passcode consists of 4 numbers. Make sure you create a passcode that is easy for you to remember, but difficult for others to guess.
  • Enter the passcode 2 times to make sure that you have entered the correct numbers.
  • When you have finished creating the passcode, enter an e-mail address you are currently active. This is very important because it will be used when you forget the passcode.
  • After submitting the email address, click the button Save.
  • Then a pop up will appear indicating that Locker for Whatsapp Chat requests access to the Whatsapp application. Click Enable.
  • You will be taken to the Accessibility Settings page to continue the configuration. Click on toggle which is next to Locker for Whatsapp Chat App.
  • If a pop up appears again, click it OK.
  • Click back so that you return to the Locker for Whatsapp Chat App application.
  • Click + sign which is found at the bottom right of the screen.
  • You will be directed to Whatsapp for choose a chat that you want to keep.
  • If so, you will be taken back to the Locker for Whatsapp Chat App. If a name and padlock sign appear, it means that the chat has been successfully secured.

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After carrying out the series of settings above, you have successfully activated the lock for one of the chats. When you open it, you will be automatically asked to enter the passcode.

2. GB Whatsapp

Whatsapp Mod is a modification of the official version of Whatsapp or the original version. The modification process is carried out by third-party developers. Due to this modification process, Whatsapp Mod can be categorized as a non-official application.

Even though it is unofficial and has risks, this type of application is still in great demand. If you dare to take the risk, just try locking one of your chats using Whatsapp Mod.

There are many types of Whatsapp Mod itself. One of the most popular among all is GB Whatsapp. Below will be shown how to lock one of the chats using the WA Mod.

  1. First, make sure that you already installed the GB Whatsapp application first.
  2. Make sure you too already logged in using a cell phone number and successfully using it like a normal Whatsapp application.
  3. Now you open one of the chats you want to lock or secure.
  4. Click sign point three which is located at the top right of the chat screen. You have to do this step to display the menu or options.
  5. Now select the menu Lock Chat.
  6. Then click on the menu Enable Passcode.
  7. Enter some numbers to lock it. Make sure it’s not easy to guess and not known by anyone. But make sure you remember it so that there are no problems in the future.

After successfully carrying out the steps above, the message you selected earlier will be automatically locked. To open and view conversations that have been made, you must first enter a passcode.

If you feel that the chat doesn’t need to be locked anymore, just select the option to deactivate the passcode. To increase security, you should change the passcode every certain time.

Already understand the tutorial but confused where to download GB Whatsapp? Here’s a bonus GB Whatsapp download link especially for you. Check out the following details.

App name Whatsapp Mod
Version 3.6.2
Last updated January 2022
Size 52 MB

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How to Lock One App at a Time

There are still very few options for locking Whatsapp chats one by one. Another alternative for securing Whatsapp chats is locking one application at a time. As already mentioned, Whatsapp already provides the feature. Immediately, here is the full discussion.

1. Fingerprint Lock

Since some time ago, Whatsapp has added a security feature, namely Unlock with fingerprint. Of course, this feature can only be used by smartphones that have a fingerprint sensor. Here’s a tutorial to enable it.

  • Open the Whatsapp application first.
  • Next click dot three at the top right to display the menu.
  • Select Settings.
  • Proceed with selecting Account and click Privacy,
  • Click on the menu Fingerprint Lock.
  • Activate by the way clicking the toggles.
  • Tap your finger to the sensor to confirm.
  • You can set auto lock for a certain amount of time, starting immediately, after one minute, or after 30 minutes.
  • If you want to disable this security option, just click again toggle which is next to the Unlock with Fingerprint option.

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From the explanation above it can be concluded that there are several how to lock WhatsApp chats which you can try. Each method has its own pluses and minuses. So, the choice is completely up to you.

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