189,160 l.129,227 Yandex Blue Indonesia Bokeh (FORCE) – Spot72.com

189,160 l.129,227 Yandex Blue Indonesia Bokeh (FORCE) – Spot72.com
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The latest information about video bokeh full film download for free with Indo Japanese subtitles is only available at 189,160 l.129,227.


Watch western, Japanese, Korean and other country bokeh videos for free via the application link 189,160 l.129,227. Want to know more about link 189.160 l.129.227 and how to access it? Please search on Spot72.com.


For those of you who like watching anime, but often have trouble opening the anime title you want to watch. Maybe what you need is access to a link to watch anime for free that can be opened at any time.

In this case, you can use the Otakudesu application to find all anime titles from different genres in one place. None of the anime shows on Otakudesu are blurred or anything like that.

Anime shows on Otakudesu also provide Indonesian subtitles so you don’t get confused when watching them. Look for this Otakudesu link via Spot72.com.

Or just go straight to the otakudesu link on Google or another automatic search engine.

Download at Website
Update On 2022
Rating 4,3
No Otakudesu

Meitu App

A photo and video editor application that you can download in one place is the Meitu App. This one application will really help those of you who like to edit photos and videos.

Processes like this really take up a lot of storage space on your cellphone and you know that. To save space on your device’s storage, you can download an existing application all-in-one this.

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If you want to use the Meitu application as a way to save memory so that not much space is taken up, this is the right thing. Right here there are features for editing photos and videos.

In the video editing section, you can also remove unwanted objects from photos when editing photos.

Download at Google Play
Update On September 26
Rating 4,6
No Meitu Photo & Video Editor

Bokeh Camera DSLR

bokeh-camera-dslr-189.160 l.129.227

An application that will really help you to create natural bokeh like a real DSLR camera is to try the application version. Download Bokeh Camera DSLR to your phone right now because this is the place to make blur bokeh without editing.

This application makes it very easy for those of you who want photo results similar to the original DSLR camera. You all know how beautiful the photos taken by this tool are.

Try the mini camera first and you can use any cellphone to try this Camera application.

Please download it through the application store on your cellphone and try to use the official one so that your cellphone stays safe and doesn’t get other problems.

Download at Google Play
Update On September
Rating 4,2
No Bokeh Camera DSLR



Are you one of those people who likes listening to music or podcasts? Spotify now doesn’t only provide services to listen to songs, friends. But you can also listen to podcasts made by people.

You can choose which type or concept of podcast you like because many of them are both inspiring and reassuring, you know. Maybe you need entertainment at work?

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So Spotify can be your best friend with all the songs and podcast content available there.

Spotify also has various types of premium subscriptions with different price variations.

Download at Google Play
Update On October 5
Rating 4,3
No Spotify

Cash Pop


Do you already know about the Pop cash money-making application yet? This is a money-making application whose mission is quite easy and you do it every day.

How about the concept of Cash Pop? So, you can get prizes from the application if you play this application and carry out the missions that are there.

Only by playing with your cellphone can you be paid or get various other attractive prizes that you must try.

Download at Google Play
Update On September 20
Rating 4,8
No Cash Pop

Story Art Apk


The place for thousands of templates for Instagram that can be animated and also added videos is Story Art. In Story Art, you can insert photos and videos into the templates available there.

You need to know that the Story Art application can be used for free, but it is still included in the paid category too. Because of the thousands of templates available, not all of them can be used for free.

There are several templates that are locked and if you really want to use them then the only way is to switch to using the official version of Story Art Premium or made by a third party.

When your account is VIP, you can’t only open locked templates, but all tools or other elements.

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Download at Google Play
Update On August24
Rating 4,8
No Story Art

Blur Video Background


Try the Blur Video Background application first if you want to edit ordinary videos into bokeh video lights. It’s a bit difficult to take a video with a bokeh effect with an ordinary camera

However, you can see how the Blur Video Background application edits the video into bokeh lights effects.

Before trying other applications, you can first start editing the video in this Blur Video Background application.

Download at Google Play
Update On September 20
Rating 4,3
No Blur Video Background

FIMO Analog Camera


The vintage theme is always the right choice for those of you who like aesthetic photos. Without the need for much effort, this effect gives a different impression from other applications.

Maybe what you find here is just vintage and retro effects, but if you basically prefer this kind of effect. Then this FIMO Analog Camera will be very useful for you.

Android users can download this application guaranteed you won’t insecure again with the results of your cellphone’s default camera shots.

When using FIMO, you must first have an effect as a camera roll, exactly the same as the original analog camera. After finishing selecting the effect, you can edit it again by adding a frame or rearranging the lighting level.

Download at Google Play
Update On August 25
Rating 4,5

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